Competitive Dance


PROTÉGÉ  The protégé team is made up of the most dedicated and serious students. Our instructors will be glad to discuss your child’s potential and answer any questions you might have. Students at DTOJ are offered the opportunity to audition for our Protege Dance Teams.  As a member of DTOJ Protege, students are expected to take the required classes, attend extra rehearsals, and participate in several competitions throughout the spring.

Auditions are held in June, after our annual recital.  If selected for a team, each student and his/her parents are required to complete a Protege Contract with Dance Theatre of Jacksonville.  Members will at all times consider themselves a representataive of Dance Theatre of Jacksonville, presenting themselves in a wholesome manner which reflects well on DTOJ, its staff and instructors.

Protege is not a recreational dance program; this is a training program for young dancers that are very serious about their dance training.



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