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6 Year Olds and Up


Students can begin taking jazz classes once they have entered first grade. We have several levels to accommodate experience levels. A jazz class consists of warm up, stretching and combinations of jazz movements focusing on technique and progression. Routines are taught that are performed in our annual Spring recital.


Students can begin taking a full hour ballet class once they have entered first grade.

Ballet Arts I:

An introduction to classical ballet incorporating basic terminology with positions of the feet, hands and body.  Ballet class etiquette is also a part of the curriculum along with learning the names of composers of classical balletmusic and the stories of famous ballets.  The class will also learn a piece of choreography to be performed in our annual spring recital.  Our desire is to install a love for dance and create beautiful little ballerinas.One hour ballet classes consist of stretching, a ballet barre, across the floor and center work.

Ballet II, Intermediate Ballet, and Jr. Ballet:

Physical discipline, general body awareness, and control coordinating with technique and terminology.  Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work.  Choreography will also be taught and the class will preform at our annual spring recital.

Ballet Technique: 

These 90 minute classes are for more experienced ballet students.  At least five years of ballet is recommended (combo classes do not count) in order to enroll in these levels.  In a ballet technique class, the focus is on proper placement, ballet terminology and the proper execution of the steps.  These classes do not perform in the Sping Recital.


Lyrical is a ballet based form of dance with more contemporary movement.  It tends to be more expressive and performance based although proper technique is also taught.  Students must have completed a full year of a one hour ballet class before starting lyrical and must be at least entering the second grade.  All levels of lyrical will be taught a routine and will perform in the Spring Recital.


Tap is a form of dancing in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and

toes of a dancer's shoes.  We offer full hour tap classes to students in 1st grade and up.  A tap class will consist of a warm-up, across the floor, center work as well as learning a recital routine for the Spring Recital.  Tap classes will also focus on counting music and learning rhythms.

Hip Hop:

Hip-hop dance refers to social or choreographed dance styles primarily danced to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.  This a fun and energetic class that any level dancer can enjoy!  We recommend that the student have some jazz experience but it is not required.  Students must be in at least first grade to participate. Classes will perform in our Spring Recital.

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