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2 Year Olds

Rhyme, Rhythm and Motion:

A wonderful new experience exclusively for 2 year boys and girls!  This program introduces your two year old to a fun filled hour of orderly activities without a parent or caregiver in the same room.  We allow our weekly class to be observed through the window blinds but offer designated observation days so that parents can video, take pictures and/or participate in our class.

Classroom activities include fine motor skills such as puzzles, threading wooden beads, and stacking foam squares as well as large motor skills such as hop scotch, balance beam walking, and rolls on our big cheese mat.  All these activities aid in strengthening coordination and also allow the students to practice taking turns and being a part of group activities.

Next, we do music time where all the songs have actions or things we can pretend we are.  The songs are lively and entertaining, and the children enjoy this part of the program. 

Our flannel storyboard is loved by the students as our teacher tells an animated story with the characters and teaches the students concepts such as small to large and soft to loud.

Before leaving each week, all students are brought together on the mats; and we say a small prayer before sharing a snack (each student brings a small baggie of goldfish, pretzels, teddy grahams etc). Emphasis is given on saying please and thank you and on taking turns. All students are given stickers to show that they had a wonderful day before being taken back to their parent or caregiver.

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Children with teacher in Rhyme Class Children in Rhyme Class